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Teaching All Ages to Play & Appreciate Music

Music is an outlet that will last for the rest of your, or your child's  life. I offer private music lessons at my home studio in Palmetto, Florida. I also teach private lessons at "Sam Ash Music in Sarasota" and "Keyboards and More" in Bradenton. With my detailed lessons, students gain a comprehensive understanding of music and become familiar with classical and modern composers, such as Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Haydn, and composers of the day such as Rogers, Carmichael, Gershwin, Ellington and contemporary artists such as.


I want to teach students to play music of interest to them. I often have had students come to me saying that they have heard a certain tune on the internet, perhaps on "You Tube"; or perhaps a certain tune pertains to their ethnic background. I don't discount their musical thoughts and preferences, I use them.  I listen to their music and am usually able to musically arrange the student's song to fit their ability levels. This usually results in greatly increased interest and in a huge jump in their practice time. ("Wow, I heard this on the internet and now I can play it!!!!!) I certainly will teach all students to read music and to play with proper technique, but I do not discount the musical tastes of my students. I feel there is good in all music and I do not impose my musical tastes on my students. I will expect good playing habits and musicality and perhaps guide him to appreciate other genres of music.

I Provide Performance Opportunities

Why does a student take music lessons??? 

Perhaps it is the inherent beauty of music--the way it makes you feel. Or perhaps the study of music has been recommended by a doctor, for music helps certain defects of the brain and has been scientifically proven to make the performer a more intelligent  person. However, a primary reason is to communicate with their fellow human beings. They want to perform, be a part of a band, orchestra or other ensemble. I encourage my students to play for their parents, classmates and other musicians.I set up recitals and I also set up other venues--churches, senior centers, etc. Music gives them an outlet, a chance to shine, people to be with, concerts to attend. It will change their lives.


The King and His Jester- composed by Jim Brenner